Our labor rates are set up to save any sized business money and maximize our service value.
Standard Onsite Labor Rate $100.00 per hr.

Package Hours Cost

Basic:  10 hours $900

Advanced:  15 hours $1275

Premium:  20 hours $1,600

Discounted Onsite Labor Rates

(with a one-month maintenance agreement)

Min. 10 hours per month:  $90.00 per hour

Min. 15 hours per month:  $85.00 per hour

Min. 20 hours per month:  $80.00 per hour

Trip charge on all onsite services:   $35.00

Small Business One-Year Special

One-year agreements for small businesses with less than 10 workstations and no more than one server - $350 per month with one onsite service per month and unlimited phone and remote support including trip charge. Any onsite service required after that will be quoted at $90 per hour and a $35 trip charge.

All onsite services are a two-hour minimum and trip charges apply - plus state and local taxes where applicable.

Four-hour response time and custom packages can be arranged upon request.

All service rates are subject to state and local sales tax.